Chemical & Water Tanks

All tanks supplied by Polyfluo Asia Pte Ltd are either rotomoulded or blow moulded.

PE rotomoulded or blow moulded tanks are one piece seamless tanks produced from polyethylene using rotational moulding or blow moulding process which offer superior quality as they are corrosion resistant, flexible and will not break or shatter under normal expansion and contraction. PE tanks are competitively priced and suitable as storage and transportation tanks for a wide range of chemicals and can be used by water and wastewater industries and any industry that require storage or movement of chemicals.

Polyethylene resins used to manufacture PE tanks is an ethylene octane copolymer specifically designed for applications requiring excellent environmental stress crack resistance and impact strength combined with low warpage. It is fully head and UV stabilized resulting in good colour retention and long life expectancy. The resins comply with U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520©3.1a.

  • Closed Top Tank
  • Opened Top Tank
  • IBC - Intermediate Bulk Containers

Rain Harvesting System

PFA RHS is specially designed for urban rainwater harvesting.

PFA RHS system essentially integrates modern aesthetical values, performance, reliability and simplicity to harvest free and abundant rainwater for all non-profitable applications in residential, commerical or industrial developments.

PFA RHS system, comprising of a complete range of product and accessories, offers various designs of proprietary PFA RHS tanks for both indoor and outdoor use; as well as PURITY pre-filters and accessories to remove sendiments from the rainwater and controls the waterflow before entering into the storage tanks.

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