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About Us

Company’s Activities :

The company has 2 main divisions namely: The Fluoropolymer and Thermoplastic Division and The Chemical & Water Tank Division. The Fluoropolymer and Thermoplastic Division specialise in the supply of the widest range of PTFE products & Engineering Plastics. We have the largest stock of PTFE Products in Singapore for your immediate needs. Stocks of tanks up to 10m3 are available.

PTFE Products

  • Semi-Finished Products (Rods, Sheets, Tapes, Tubes)
  • Filled material (Carbon, Glass, Bronze)
  • Joint Sealant, Expanded Sheet, Cords
  • PTFE Etched Sheets


Engineering Plastics

  • PVC Sheets, Rods, Curtain Strips
  • PP, PE, PC, Sheets & Rods
  • Polyacetal, Nylon Rods
  • Nylon Rods & Sheets
  • POM Rods & Sheets
  • Acrylic Sheets


Chemical & Water Tank Division Supplies

  • PE Rotomoulded water & chemical tanks
  • Intermediate Bulk Container (Steel, Wooden, Plastic Pellets)


PVC Curtains & Doors

  • PVC Curtain strips for curtain doors from 2mm to 5mm
  • PVC clear rolls
  • S.S Accessories for installation of curtains strips
  • Stainless steel

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