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„Youtube“ Watch Full 1917

Runtime: 119 min

Stars: George MacKay

synopsis: British trenches somewhere in France. World war has been going on for the third year, heroic illusions have dissipated; general mood – boredom and fatigue. Stuff the belly, sleep, return home to Christmas Eve. On another quiet day, when nothing happens, two young soldiers, Blake and Schofield, are summoned to the general, who instructs them to send an important message to Colonel MacKenzie in the Second Devonshire Battalion, whose telephone connection was cut off by the enemy

Creator: Sam Mendes

Release year: 2019

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Waste of time. Wait until it hits the redbox if you must see it.


Weak writing, overall unrealistic and definitely overrated.
Easily 2 of the most gripping hours in a theater I’ve experienced all year. Through a series of extended shots made to look like one continuous take, we follow (without breathers) Lance Corporal Blake and Schofield through a visceral and relentless journey during WWI. In addition to top notch direction, set design and music, I’m left with just two words: Roger. Deakins. The man is simply the greatest cinematographer to have ever lived and here he captures nothing short of technical brilliance. The man deserves b2b Oscars for this masterpiece.